About PatientWell

About PatientWell

Dr. Mario A. Vilardi - Co-Founder of PatientWell Dr. Mario A. Vilardi - Co-Founder of PatientWell
At PatientWell, it’s our mission to help address chronic health issues and produce high-quality, affordable products made from only the finest ingredients—in the optimum dosage—to deliver the best results.

PatientWell was co-founded by Dr. Mario A. Vilardi who has a passion for helping others create and maintain a healthy lifestyle and feel their best each day. He also ensures the ingredients in his products are understandable so that every customer knows what they are putting into their body and how it positively affects overall health and lifestyle.

We thoroughly research each product we create with the latest scientific data and information available. Our products are created based on the most up-to-date published studies. We study the available research by doing our due diligence to discover the most beneficial natural ingredients and the optimal dosage for each. Our goal is to deliver the best products on the market at the most favorable prices for their quality. You will not see any fillers, artificial colors, soy, GMO, or animal products in our compounds. We want only the best for those who trust in our brand.

When searching for the best natural supplements on the market, we want PatientWell to be on the top of consumers’ lists and for our line of nutritional supplements to become a trusted source for natural, holistic health.

We want you to do more than merely survive this life, we want you to thrive.